Monday, June 28, 2010

Cranford Patch Interview

This is from a recent interview in Cranford Patch a local online newssite. I've been doing a painting there lately. This was my first day doing mostly an underpainting.

This is an except:

Artist Finds Inspiration in Cranford
   Arist and Cranford resident Stephen D'Amato, 50,  finds beauty in the everyday scenes around him – namely the streets and old buildings that populate downtown.
"I walk around a lot around here – it's good for me because there's so much I find interesting in this town," he said." I really like the architecture and the fact that they've been here since the 1900s, and some earlier than that. They have more character to them than modern buildings. "

   Yesterday D'Amato stood painting at an easel on North Avenue East, detailing a mixture of light and shadows that show up on the corner of Union Avenue and Alden Street. He was doing what oil artists call an 'underpainting' – brushing in the light-and-dark tones of the scene first before adding the color. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At the "Paint the Town" in Cranford, NJ

  I was happy to have sold my Quick Draw (2 hour painting). Sorry that I didn't get a photo of it, but I painted a portion of the Cranford Hotel. It was an intense two hours.

  JCAS did a great job in making this event a big success. There were thirty of us artists who were juried in to the five day competition and showing.

  Here are some photos.