Monday, November 28, 2011

Solo Exhibit At The Cranford Library

  I will be exhibiting my series of work of the town of Cranford, New Jersey.
  The show runs from December 1st through December 30th. There will be a mix of watercolors, oil paintings and my sketches. The hours of the Cranford Libary are:

Monday to Wednesday: 10 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Thursday & Friday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed Sunday

Awnings On North Ave    Watercolor   12 x 16

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Rialto Theatre" watercolor

"The Rialto Theatre"   watercolor   "12 x 9 1/2" by Stephen D'Amato
    I found myself really interested in these old movie theatres. The Rialto Theatre in Westfield is somewhat similar to the Cranford Movie Theatre. The jutting marque etc. They both face to the north and the sunset light from the west casts nice shades under the canopies and marques. The design is from a bygone era.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Recent Watercolor Still-Life Paintings

   After my rotator cuff tear surgery in October, I got to the point where I could paint small still lifes. The small sizes did not become a problem as the larger sizes would have. Actually I am still recovering from it, but fortunately sitting down with the smaller sizes are workable.

"There  Clementines"   Watercolor  "6 x 9"

"Apple and Pear"  Watercolor  "6 x 9"

Monday, June 27, 2011

Westfield Art Association Sidewalk Show

    Last Saturday we had great weather for the sidewalk show and a decent turnout. 

  These are a few of the paintings I had displayed:

"Maria" oil on linen 24" x 24"

"Cranford Hotel Side View" watercolor 6" x 9"

"Wildwood Pier"  watercolor  9"x 6"   Sold

"Perrotti's" watercolor  9" x 12"   Sold

"Sea Girt Station" watercolor  7" x 10"

"Jessica"  oil on linen  12" x 16"

Relaxing on the bench next to my work

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Pochade Box from a Cigar Box

  Recently I've had an interest to create a small pochade box from a cigar box. I have a simple one that a friend had given me a while back, but I wanted to modify one that would be a more versatile and would be able to accommodate my interests for both oil painting and watercolor painting. I don't consider myself "handy" but I learned a lot as I went along. Here are some pictures of what I came up with.

   I looked at a number of sites and blogs that featured cigar boxes and had information on how to convert the cigar box into a small pochade boxes. What renewed my interest was a book another friend had lent me. This was a book about painting from the plein air painter, Trevor Chamberlain. He was using a box that was designed for 19th century painters and that were not really made any more. It was much better design than the ones offered in the art stores today.

The neutral gray palette is thin Plexiglas that I use for oil painting

   I sought out many cigar shops in the area for discarded empty cigar boxes. They either gave them away or asked for a couple of dollars for them. Looking at some other examples; I found that I needed to know more about the hardware and assembling it.

Underneath the gray palette is the setup I use for watercolor.

   I used metal brackets and wing nuts on both sides for lid support and adjustable angles for the oil panels or watercolor boards. I added screws and nails to the top to serve as guides and slots to keep two panels for storage with separation. I also applied three coats of lacquer on the entire box inside and out. A metal hinge was added to the left side to keep it closed and secure. The top lid lip was cut out so the two 6" x 8" boards can slide in and out. The is a leather strap which has Velcro glued is attached so the boards will not slide out when moved.

   I cut down brushes and the brush holder as well as different watercolor trays. I also bought empty half pans and filled them with paint. The palettes were then glued with superglue to Plexiglas for easy removal.

   This box is great for painting small and if you don't want to draw a lot of attention to yourself. I found that using it in the car is a real advantage. Also it is easy to take on trips and I put it in my backpack on our trip to the southwest.

   Please contact if your interested in more about it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trip to the Southwest


   Recently we took a trip to the Southwest, which included the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon. A great trip with some amazing sites to experience. Three words come to mind to describe it. Awesome, monumental and spectacular.

Judi and I at the Bryce Canyon

Antelope Canyon
This is my new cigar box/pochade box that I built
I will talk about the cigar box in my next blog

Bryce Canyon

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Whitney Museum presents:

Modern Life: Edward Hopper and His Time

October 28, 2010–April 10, 2011 
   Being a big fan of Edward Hopper's work I was pleased to see the show at The Whitney Musuem. This show includes approximately 80 works in a range of media by Hopper and artists from his time period. His contemporaries include the Ashcan School painters with whom he came of age as an artist in the century’s first decades, the 1920’s Precisionist artists, whose explorations of abstract architectural geometries mirrored those of Hopper, and a younger generation of American Scene painters, who worked alongside Hopper in New York during the 1930s.such as John Sloan, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, Paul Strand, Charles Demuth, Guy Pène du Bois, Charles Sheeler, Charles Burchfield, Ben Shahn, Reginald Marsh.

Soir Bleu, 1914. Oil on canvas
   Unfortunatley some may look at Hopper's work in a superficial way; seeing it as lacking technical skill. If you look at his early work and his background as an illustrator it is apparent that he was quite a capable skilled artist. He seemed to have put aside some that knowledge and focused his attention on depicting dramatic mood and a sense of timeless silence. These themes dominate his work through out his life. When once asked about his intention of his work, he simply said that wanted to paint light on the side of a house. He does that and so much more, finding his poetic voice and style.
The Barber Shop , 1931.,oil on canvas
Early Sunday Morning, 1930 , oil on canvas
   Although this show lacks in the number of work, I found the association with the other art in the exhibit was interesting. The photographs of Alfred Stieglitz and Paul Strand give that same haunting urban desolation which Hopper continues with his work.
   Also to note there are a series of watercolor that are stunning and are done plein air.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Paintings that include me by Benat Iglesias Lopez

 Benat Iglesias Lopez is definitely one most talented artists to have studied at the Art Students League of New York. Inglesias studied in Spain before coming to the study in Manhattan. It had been a pleasure to know him. He has included me as a model in two of his paintings in the past year.

 He was featured in American Artist January issue as one the 11 groundbreaking artists to watch.

  He had painted the above painting in the spring of 2010 while in Harvey Dinnerstein's class. Here I am the central figure painting. 

  Below is his painting entitled "The Louvre Project" where a crowd is depicted viewing the Mona Lisa. I am the second figure in the back row looking up at my camera phone there are several other students also used as models in this painting.

  From the American Artist interview he is quoted as saying: What I felt is that people were not interested in experiencing; they were more concerned about capturing the image, going home, and saying.'I was here'".

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ridgewood Art Institutes Juried Show 2011

My oil painting "Jessica" has been accepted in
The Ridgewood Art Institutes' Annual Juried show.

The Show runs until February 6, 2011
The Ridgewood Art Institute  12 East Glen Avenue   Ridgewood, NJ